Our Terms & Conditions

The BICM shall have the highest authority to take any decision for the event.

All the participants must follow the instructions of BICM.

The participants shall not misuse any privilege of the competition and services of BICM.

The questions for online round is strictly observed by BICM authority. No excuses shall be considered in terms of payment and online examination.

The participants do not have any authority to blame BICM and the organizing body of Invest Maestros.

Any kind of unfair means by any team regarding the competition shall be strictly overlooked. And any unfair means shall be counted as offence & that team shall be excluded.

Any kind of misbehavior of any person of a team in the competition & workshop phase, shall terminate the registration of that team and person(s).

The team leader shall be liable for any misdeed of their team members.

All kinds of communication should be conducted by the contacting person or the team leader.

No payments shall be refunded.

Before taking any step, the participants shall be presumed as they know the process and procedure properly regarding the competition & the online examination.

The BICM shall have access to any participant’s information regarding the competition. And BICM shall take any step as it deem fit for the betterment of the whole event.